English summary of Nasjonal rassikringsgruppe

Nasjonal Rassikringsgruppe works diligently to make travel on Norway’s national and county roads safer.

«Rassikring» can be translated to «rockslide and snowslide protection». Our mandate is to place the issue of risk management on the political agenda and increase funding for risk management measures.

We aim for a faster implementation of these measures, leveraging technology and alternative solutions to make Norway safer in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner. Our efforts are directed towards fostering the development of businesses and communities in our country for the betterment of all.


The group was founded by representatives from areas exposed to landslides and snowslides in Norway, who recognized the urgent need for a united effort in addressing these issues.


Et effektivt, miljøvennlig og trygt transportsystem i 2050

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